Stamp of Excellence

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Michelle Steinhardt Photography/Australia




 Stamp as a two year old out for a summer drive at home in Ohio.

Stamp starting under saddle with Ben Rosetta up in Sabastopol, Australia.

Stamp of Excellence- sired by Standard of Excellence out of Rina Wulf.  We will be standing this outstanding young stallion at DerHaflingerhof for a limited time in 2013.

In May of 2013, he will be exported to Australia to begin his stallion career at Rosymoon.

Stamp was Inspected  by American Haflinger Registry as a two year old in June of 2012 by two International Inspectors and an American Inspector.  He was rated SILVER. He has a fabulous personality, terrific movement and is a gorgeous HAFLINGER.


Below is the speech given by Robert Eicher on May 24th at a dinner in Ashland , Ohio  as a send off to Stamp of Excellence.

"We are gathered here to express our appreciation for what all of you have done. Every one of you has had a special part that you have done for “Stamp of Excellence.”  We are thrilled to have a part in exporting a horse to another country, and in this case, another continent!  

I wish to thank God, our creator, for allowing us to be the breeders of such an exceptional colt. We, as humans, can only plant the seeds, the Lord giveth the increase.  

I want to thank Susan Van Horn, our sales manager, for all of her effort and dedication to make this sale happen. She spent a lot of time that I know we were not billed for!! Thank you, Susan.  

Brian Mitteer, AHR President, you were very helpful and supportive. Thank you, Brian.  

Ruth Schwab, AHR Managing Director and the AHR office. You were very helpful and accommodating. Thank you, Ruth.  

Chuck Henderschott, World Haflinger representative. You spent a lot of time and effort to get the World Federation’s approval for this. Thank you, Chuck.  

Bill Henderschott, AHR Classification Committee Chairman. You were instrumental in getting World Haflinger Federation approval and worked hard to put things together to have Stamp inspected at age two. Thank you, Bill.  

Ray Miller, thank you for prepping and presenting Stamp at Inspections. Also, for showing him to Reserve Grand Champion at the Buckeye Show. We all know that there is no one better than Ray to prep and present a horse! Thank you, Ray.  

The Inspectors, Dave Ayers, Jennifer Rousseau  and Lucas Scheiber for inspecting and classifying Stamp. We own a huge thank you to our inspectors for their expertise and their dedication to the breed. They put a lot of effort into educating themselves and others and very seldom do we take the time to express our appreciation to them. Thank you, Inspectors. 

Dr. Jeff Byers and Dr. Lori Davis, Byland Animal Hospital of Loudonville , Ohio . Thanks for doing all the vet work for Stamp. Dr. Davis told me that when she downloaded all the export rules and regulations pertaining to export to Australia , there were 28 pages of regulations! Thank you Dr. Byers and Dr. Davis.  

Henry and Nettie Coblentz, for starting Stamp in harness, also for all you do for the farm. We appreciate you. Thank you, Henry and Nettie.  

Andy Miller, for helping the Coblentz’s in starting Stamp in harness. Thank you, Andy.  

Ron and Pam Kutz, for agreeing to bring Stamp home. They picked him up at Tudor Oaks, where he had been for several weeks. (They bred several mares to him.) Thanks, Ron and Pam for bringing him back home. That gives us the opportunity to breed and additional two mares to him before he goes into quarantine on May, 29th.  

Ian Wengerd, for helping us show Stamp at the Futurity, both as a weanling and yearling. Thanks, Ian.  

I’m also going to take this opportunity to thank some other special people in my life. My son, Benjamin, does the riding training on the farm and he has a special touch with handling the horses. Thanks, Ben.  

Also, my sons, Wayne, David and Samuel. Without their help we couldn’t do what we do. They help in so many ways, from cleaning stalls to feeding and more. Thank you, boys.  

Last, but definitely not least, I want to thank my wife, Esther, for all her support. She is really not that much of a horse person but she chooses to support our efforts. I am thankful that God chose to bless my life such a special person.  

Also, I want to express my thanks to a few people who could not be with us tonight. Phillip and Kerrie Rosetta and their son, Ben, buyers of Stamp of Excellence and Roland Aarts of the Netherlands , who sent Phillip and Kerrie to us and recommended our breeding program to the Rosetta’s.  

We wish the very best of luck to the Rosetta’s of Rosymoon Haflingers."